This is just a sampling of what we currently have in a finished stage. Genoa, Lemon and Rosemary, Bresaola, Picante, Mortadella and Coppa. Did I mention how super tasty these are!


This is the current set up of the salami room. The product moves around the room as it ages. The room is set like a grid each section is done at the same time.Most of the salami in the back are much larger than those in the front. We start out with the left side. [...]

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This is a great video of the crew making salami. Special thanks to rick McKee for shooting it for us. Salami Video


This past saturday was the first pickup for the artisan meat share.  This round included 16 different types of product.  It was a ton of work, but it sure was worth it. Almost all of the items were sliced, which totaled around 20,000 slices. Then we laid them out on deli paper and vacuum sealed [...]

An idea long in the making is finally coming to life.  This is a venture that will allow Charleston locals to receive a share of the cured meats that are being produced at Cypress.  You can expect to see assorted salumi’s such as Genoa, Lardo, Tuscan, Tessa, Bresaola, Sopressata, Spanish Chorizo, Milano, and Coppa.  We [...]

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Two years ago I started fabricating whole pigs in the restaurant.  It started out as a quest to teach myself and the staff how to properly use all of the animal.  I remember getting that first pig and realized that everything was about to change.  I would contact local farmers about getting local pigs and [...]