DSC_0319The finished plate includes the american guinea hog cooked in three ways. The first preparation was shoulder confit cooked in smoked fat and finished in a skillet for a crispy crust.  The second preparation was the loin cooked sous-vide at 57 degrees Celsius for 1 hour then seared in a hot skillet.  The third element was the pork rind which is skin steamed for 3 hours, chilled on a flat tray skin side down, then the fat is scarped off and cut into 1/2 inch by 2 inch rectangles, then dehyrdrate at 18o degrees for 12 hours and fried in 400 degree pork fat to puff.  The dish is paired with ginger infused sweet potatoes and garlic glazed pok choi and finished with a maple pork reduction.

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